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Bev Goodwin and Jeff Thomson

Bev Goodwin and Jeff Thomson

Bev Goodwin and Jeff Thomson both use non-traditional media, which they fashion into a variety of innovative sculptural works. Their works are often whimsical and humorous.

Thomson is a name immediately associated with corrugated iron. He has worked with this medium since 1986, transforming it into iconic and much-loved pieces across Aotearoa. He continually reinterprets the medium, cutting it into strips and weaving it, screen-printing upon its surface, stacking it and even knitting it.

Goodwin enjoys working with recycled and low-tech materials including wire, plastics, leis, wood and metal sheeting. Her playful work exists somewhere between the natural and the artificial realm as she is intrigued with the growing crossover between these worlds. Her unusual pieces are colourful and quirky.

‘twist…bob…spin’ Sculpture in the Gardens 2017-2018