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Samantha Lissette

Samantha Lissette

Artist Samantha Lissette is known for her renditions of animals, from miniature to monument. Her work brings together organic and constructed ideas, linking design elements from both man and nature. Her work often employs humour or irony, and a sense of playfulness and celebration of the human condition, within a strong narrative.

Lissette has a BA in Philosophy from the University of Auckland and has been a member of the international group FIDEM and New Zealand medal makers MANZ since 2001.

She regularly exhibits throughout New Zealand, where her works are held in public and private collections including public commissions for Guangzhou, China, Auckland Botanic Gardens and Campbells Bay, Auckland.

‘! Celebration ! Restoring, Recreating, Rejoicing, Relating, Regenerating’ Sculpture in the Gardens 2017-2018