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Sasha Reid

Sasha Reid

Composition 10

Sasha Reid is a self taught artist, who learnt his craft by working alongside as many different skilled people as he could. It has been twenty years since he started his journey in sculpture with “a great desire to make”. Twenty years on and he has all the experience, skills and understanding of the process of sculpture, to bring the big ideas in his head to life. Reid currently works on large wooden sculptures, exploring complexity and composition. He chooses wood as is compelled by the tenet of truth to the material. “Wood has its own beauty: solid, organic, elegant and textured. It is familiar and intriguing, more likely to draw you in than push you away.”  

Since that determined start Reid has won the 2010 winner artsCape Biennial in Byron Bay, Australia; the 2018 Major Prize joint winner Hillview Sculpture Biennial, Sutton Forrest and the 2018 Major Prize winner Sculpture in the Paddock, Murrumbateman, Australia. He has exhibited eight times in the iconic Australia Sculpture by the Sea exhibition, and twice in Sculpture by the Sea in Denmark. He has three public works installed in Sydney. 

Reid has recently moved to New Zealand from Sydney.


This is Reid’s first time exhibiting in Sculpture in the Gardens.