How to enjoy the exhibition this summer

On a sunny day it can get really hot on the sculpture trail.
Follow these tips to ensure you enjoy the walk:

  • Take a map and use the onsite signage to find your way.
  • Bring your own drink bottle, or buy a drink from the cafe. You can refill your bottle by the Library and at the Rose Garden (half way along the trail). 
  • Bring a sun hat and sunscreen. If you forget, Huakaiwaka visitor centre has sunscreen available free to use and sun hats for sale. 
  • Take a break! There are plenty of spots to sit in the shade, so take your time and enjoy a peaceful rest. 
  • Use your phone’s QR code reader to discover more about the artists on the artwork signs.
  • For accessibility options contact the visitor centre, there are a variety of options available.

How to enjoy the sculpture trail