Audio descriptions

We are pleased to share our audio descriptions of each of the sculptures with you:

Christine Massey ‘Mother Was Here’

Samantha Lissette !Celebration!

Natalie Guy ‘Party, Party’

Ramon Robertson ‘Seed Introspection’

Bev Goodwin and Jeff Thomson ‘twist…bob…spin’

Wanda Gillespie ‘The Master and Teacher’

John Edgar ‘Font’

Phil Neary ‘Hill’

Jamie Pickernell ‘ Gull Boy’

Sam Duckor-Jones ‘Full length mirror’

Bryn Jones ‘Survey’

Donna Turtle Sarten ‘Strange Fruit’ (Revised)

David Carson ‘Faux Topiary’

Louise Purvis ‘Gravid’

Lang Ea ‘POP! BANG! BOOM!’

Andrea Gardner and Brit Bunkley  ‘Peaceable Kingdom’

Anthony Cribb ’11/11/2017 – 25/02/2018′

Lucy Bucknall ‘Howling Together’

Graham Bennett ‘On Becoming Misdirected’

Jim Wheeler ‘Golden Bough’ (Revisited)